Sweet Macaroons. Luscious Chocolate and lots more.

Silence your sweet tooth.

The Sweets

Delicious, original recipes.

CLAFOUTISRaspberry-Blue Clafouti

Blueberries sleeping in a sweet custardy batter. Perfect for breakfast or a light dessert.

sweet desserts

MACAROONCoconut Macaroon

Coconut fan? You’ll love these. Sweet, coconutty and moist as the day is long.


PUDDINGCroissant-Dough Bread Pudding

A twist on bread pudding. Very rich. Delicious.

sweet desserts

GATEAUXIndividual Chocolate

For the chocolate lover. Not for the amateur. Chocolatey sweet desserts.



Bananas and Nuts go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong.


PAIN / GATEAUXPumpkin Chocolate-Chunk

Moist. Loaded with chocolate. Bit festive. Bet you can’t eat just one slice.

sweet lemon poppyseed cake

PAIN / GATEAUXLemon Poppyseed

Light. Lemony. Close your eyes and imagine you are standing in a field of poppies. Namasté. Sweet desserts are Just desserts.